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It is the mission, duty and purpose of Public Health United, Inc. to reduce burden of disease and save lives by addressing, educating, coordinating and advocating for excellent, evidence based science communication. Science communication is defined as the communication of scientific concepts or research to the public. This can include the formal relay of information between a science spokesperson and the public, between scientists, between scientists and the government, or, more informally, between friends and family. These communications can occur either in person, in print, or online.

Public Health United, Inc.’s original purpose was to provide a weekly podcast to the public on how scientists can improve communication of their complex work to the public. Public Health United, Inc. has expanded its programs to include the weekly podcast, outreach events, videos, courses, and speaking engagements.

Weekly Educational Podcast:

Public Health United, Inc.’s weekly podcast focuses on interviewing public health and/or science professionals on their views on science communication, how we can improve, and lessons that they have learned through their career. We also explore the many different career paths that scientists can take—scientists do more than sit at a bench. We explore topics such as, but not limited to: science policy, science advocacy, science careers, women in science, public health science, recent and past disease outbreaks, science research, science funding, and public health concerns like antibiotic resistance, global warming, and vaccine safety.

Science and Science Communication Outreach Events:

Our outreach events have included organization of events at venues in Maryland to educate the public on important health science issues. For example, we hosted “B’More United: Safe Habits Save Lives”, and partnered with other non-profit organizations (Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition, Dance Safe, and Drug Policy Alliance), to bring free trainings to the public on how to use naloxone, the heroin overdose antidote that’s been proven to save lives. We’ve also hosted a safe sex educational event at a nightclub in Towson, Maryland where we also partnered with local non-profit organizations (STAR, Generation Tomorrow) to bring free HIV testing to the public via mobile van and trained professionals and counselors. These events are important and unique as we bring science and public health education directly to the public, in a relaxed and safe environment.

By offering educational events as well as our podcast, publications and website, Public Health United, Inc. is educating the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community and is advocating and defending human and civil rights secured by law.

Vaccine Education Program:

Our vaccine education program aims to produce a free series of videos on the basics of how vaccines work and answers to common questions and concerns. In collaboration with our talented affiliates who specialize in vaccines, community health, infectious disease, and videography, we plan to produce twenty, three minute video intended for a general audience. In a time of alternate facts, fake news, and a deepening schism between conservatives and liberals, it is of the utmost important to provide an educational space free of judgement based on trustworthy evidence and expert opinion.

Teaching Programs:

Our teaching programs include instruction in important science and science communication concepts and ideas, which encompasses, but is not limited to: global warming and climate science, genetically modified organisms, vaccines, harm reduction and drugs, science policy, science writing, nutrition, immunology, cancer biology, infectious disease, global health, and public health. Our teaching program includes public speaking and social media engagement (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), and publication of our methods in scholarly journals and well as popular media outlets. Our teaching program also includes a course on improving science communication skills called, “Communicating Science: Skills to Analyze and Communicate Science News.” This course is unique in that we first teach the core science concepts needed to understand the topic, i.e. vaccines, and then we practice communicating it.

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