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New Podcast! David Dowdy On TB, Scicomm, & Mentoring


Although it doesn’t get as much attention as malaria and HIV, over 4,000 people die every day from tuberculosis (TB) according to the World Health Oganization. Our latest podcast guest, Dr. David Dowdy, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, does cool and important, highly interdisciplinery research that combines medicine, infectious disease episdemiology, and health economics to combat TB. And to coodinate those diverse fields, he of course is a science communication superstar! We had a wonderful time talking scicomm, how we are learning the core lingo of the various public health fields and also how each field has a slightly different ways of thinking.

David also has a deep caring for students and inspiring the next generation of public health professionals (he’s the winner of multiple mentoring and teaching awards!).

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