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B’More United: Safe Habits Save Lives

One of my big goals is to bring public health and science education to adults in a relaxed and fun environment (like bars, clubs, coffee shops…). Adult education is basically non-existant which makes it even more difficult for parents, families, adults to make informed health decisions (and even decide who to vote for). I try to bring local health focused organizations to clubs so that adults can interact with these professionals that they probably would never had the opportunity to interact with before.

On April 29, Public Health United sponsored our second public health awareness and charity party, this time bringing education and training on Narcan, the life saving opioid overdose antidote. All proceeds of the evening are being donated to the Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coaltion–a local non-profit that provides free harm reduction education and training to the public. We were able to offer attendees free trainings and kits so they can now be qualified to help people who are overdosing and even save lives. We also had tables with reps and info from Dancesafe & the American Public Health Association.

It was an extremely positive night and attendees just absolutely loved being able to talk health and recieve the Narcan kits in such a relaxed and open environment. We head a nationally touring DJ, Gazzo, headline the event. Gazzo had a friend die from heroin overdose several months ago–he learned that if his friend had access to Narcan, his life could have been saved. Everyone should get training!

Read more about Narcan here.

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