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Public Health United, Inc. organizes science communication and public health awareness events in Baltimore, MD and beyond. Our primary goal is to bring adult education to relaxed environments like bars, clubs, coffee shops, and your local favorite hang out spot. We also aim to partner with other local non-profits to combine resources and bring in experts on the event educational topic. We love being able to facilitate this collaborative spirit and help connect of all of the wonderful public health and science community members in our city. We are bringing all of the health expertise right to your local hangout spot so we can all learn and share perspectives with each other in a relaxed and judgement free way.

Examples of past events:

B’MORE UNITED: Safe Habits Save Lives
Providing Baltimore with Narcan Training & Education
(The Opioid Overdose Antidote)

Baltimore City is known as the heroin capital of the U.S. with 1468 Maryland citizens overdosing and losing their lives from January to September 2016 (up from a total of 1259 in 2015). Narcan, aka naloxone, is the heroin overdose antidote and has been proven to save  lives. One of the missions of the Baltimore CIty Health Department and other harm reduction organizations like the Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition, is to get every single Baltimore citizen trained in how to use narcan (it’s very easy). Public Health United, Inc. partnered with Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition, DanceSafe, Drug Policy Alliance, and the American Association of Public Health on B’More United event to bring narcan training and harm reduction education to Mosaic Nightclub in downtown Baltimore. In the foyer of the club, each organization set up a table with information and training and facilitated relaxed, judgement free discussions with attendees.

The night was made even more meaningful by our DJ, Gazzo. Gazzo lost a close friend to heroin overdose several months before the event. He learned that if his friend had access to Narcan, his life could have been saved.

Final Bmore United Narcan ad

Coffee Shop Series: Public Health in Baltimore

MAR2017 Invite V1.3


Let’s Talk About Sex! Safe Sex & STD Awareness Night
Providing the Baltimore Area with
Safe Sex Education & HIV Testing

The greater Baltimore Metropolitan area, which include Baltimore and Towson, has the third highest HIV infection rate in the U.S., just behind New York City and Miami. The Centers for Disease Control believes that an effective way to decrease this health problem is their, “Know Your Status” campaign–every single person in the U.S. should get HIV testing and know your status, along with important key safe sex/STD education. Public Health United, Inc. aids in this campaign by bringing safe sex and STD education and testing right to the locations where these potentially high risk decisions are being made. We therefore brought this education and testing, in collaboration with local non-profits like Generation Tomorrow, STAR, and Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition, to Torrent Nightclub in Towson, MD (right outside of Baltimore). These collaborations are so important as each non-profit is able to bring different services to these events. STAR and Generation tomorrow provided free HIV and HCV testing in their mobile van outside of the club. The Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition and Public Health United, Inc. hosted games inside that featured STD/safe sex trivia (i.e. attendees had a blast playing giant jenga–each block had a different fact on it).

Want to learn more about what’s happening in Baltimore to help those living with HIV/AIDS? Check out Nina’s interview with local non-profit Moveable Feast CEO Tom Bonderenko here.

Saints and Sinners PHU Ad3

These events wouldn’t be possible without our great team of volunteers. Here are our past Team Leaders:

Volunteer Coordinator: Ben Blumberg
Safe Rides Coordinators: Yue Cao & Ashley Nelson
Fundraising Groups & Games Coordinators: Cassie Ott, Tara Dhingra, & Josh Coles
Club Logistics Coordinator & STAR Liaison: Yury Kuzmichev
Promotional Events Coordinator: Amy Poupore
Safety Coordinator: Ashley Nelson
DJ Promoter Team: Kevin Dubois & Matt EC

We have documented the events with a videographer from Odd Brain Creative.



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