Episode 62: Travis Rieder On Bioethics

When I was at the bench doing science experiments, bioethics tended to be an afterthought for me; in public health–which is basically deciding for communities how to best promote well-being–bioethics is (or should be) at the core. Dr. Travis Rieder, our latest podcast guest, is a bioethicist at the Berman Institute for Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University and emphasizes that we should not be making public health policy without bringing in ethical and moral discussions. Using abortion as an example, Nina and Travis discuss how we can move policy and discussions forward in a respectful way in our deeply pluralistic Democracy and society, which tend to oversimplify public health issues into black and white camps that demonize the other viewpoint. We as a society need to move past these debates to find common ground so we can make progress. What’s the common ground? Listen to find out!

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