New podcast! Kris Lehnhardt On Medicine in Space


“The Shuttle Principle” in action. Kris sitting in the Commander’s seat in the space shuttle Discovery

“My people were out there, I just hadn’t found them yet.”

Dr. Kris Lehnhardt, our latest podcast guest, is currently applying to be one of two new astronauts accepted into the Canadian Space Agency (Canada’s NASA) out of thousands of applicants. Kris, besides being amazingly passionate about space, is a pioneer in the field of Space medicine (think Beverly Crusher or Leonard “Bones” McCoy). Nina and Kris discuss how a growing group of doctors are finding their own path to serve patients where they are needed most in the missions to explore farther and farther into space.

This podcast is particularly inspiring as Kris shares with us his personal story of having career visions that were not traditional for the standard medical training path. He had to blaze his own trail, actively search for the right mentors, and eventually found “his people” who share his love for both space and medicine. Truly an inspirational person to listen to and we wish him all the best in his application to become an astronaut! Everyone send him some good vibes!!!

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