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Public Health 101

Nina teaches a course “Communicating Science: skills to communicate and analyze science news” to Hopkins’ undergrads.

3 units are covered: vaccines/immunology, GMO’s/genetics, and global warming/climate science. For each unit, students first learn the core science concepts (concepts Nina thinks everyone should know, regardless of science background) and then practice how to talk about these often miscommunicated and misunderstood topics.

Climate Science 101, Part 1: The [Enhanced] Greenhouse Effect
-Watch short videos explaining the basics of climate change and global warming

Climate Science 101, Part 2: Global Warming –> Wet Places Wetter, Dry Places Drier
-Learn about one reason why the enhanced greenhouse effect has different consequences depending on your geographic location (i.e. more droughts in California while Louisiana is getting more extreme flooding).


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Saving Lives With Better Science Communication