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Episode 53: Bill Heisel On IHME’s Global Engagement

Who’s doing a great job of collecting health data and translating it into engaging public health multimedia? For many in global health, the clear leader is the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington in Seattle. Indeed, on my first day at work at IVAC, everyone was throwing around the IHME acronym around like it was PBnJ and definitely a lol moment if you didn’t know what it stood for. I quickly found out why and had to speak to someone in the center of creation and engagement. Our latest podcast features Bill Heisel, Director of Global Engagement at IHME (which is much, much bigger that I had originally thought) and a must know for all public health lovers.

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New podcast: Alain Labrique & The Global mHealth Initiative

Alain Labrique EditedDid you know that more people in the world have access to cell phones than toilets?? This startling fact shows even in the remotest parts of the world, the possession of a cell phone is becoming common place. In our latest episode, Nina interviews Dr. Alain Labrique, Director of the Global mHealth Inititive (GMI) at Johns Hopkins University and infectious disease epidemiologist. With the knowledge that so many people worldwide have access to mobile phones, the GMI has been collaborating around the globe to integrate this technology into healthcare practices to, for example, better connect patients in remote locations to medical services and reminders.

We also discuss his recently published study on the use of social media in public health research…Be sure to listen to Alain’s great advice for scientists who want to get involved in Twitter and other social media platforms, but are not sure where to start (and may be a little nervous to get involved in online discussions).

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