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Episode 37: Andrea Gielen On Injury Prevention & Policy


For people my own age (let’s loosely say somewhere in your 30’s), unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in the United States! In fact, one person is dying every three minutes from injury…And is thought to cost us around $671 billion per year!

Dr. Andrea Gielen is Director of the Center for Injury Research & Policy at Johns Hopkins and a very passionate person in general about getting the message out about how much injury is costing us each year–and all the many things we can do to help. Injury is a much broader term than Nina had realized and can include anything from falling down the stairs, to household fires, to child health to overdose from drugs.

The Center is also working to translate research into policy, and has many unique approaches worth hearing about. The Center is uniquely poised to do this as it’s a hub of interdisciplinary efforts combining research, policy, and practice all at the same place.

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