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Episode 63: Kayla Hayford On Improving Vaccine Coverage

A recent national survey in Nigeria revealed that only 33% of children received all three doses of the pentavalent vaccine (which includes vaccines for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, H. influenza and Hepatitis B)—well below the global World Health Organization goal of 90%; for comparison, the global average for children who have received all three doses is 85%. Kyla Hayford, PhD, is an Assistant Scientist at the Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center who works on improving surveillance of the effectiveness of vaccines and how to improve coverage rates in countries like Nigeria. In this podcast, we talk about better tests for estimating the effectiveness of vaccination (i.e. serological surveillance), the causes of lower coverage rates in Nigeria, and how to translate research into interpretable and useable material for policymakers.

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Episode 46: Dean Mike Klag On The Power of Public Health

Mike KlagOur latest guest, Dean Mike Klag, has served at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health for the past decade and has worked to keep the School at the forefront of both international and community health. Dean Klag describes the roots of our school, the largest and oldest school of public health and how, owing to its biomedical roots, it is unique in that it hosts three basic science departments as well as more classic public health fields like international health, epidemiology, policy, biotstats, and mental health.

We also learn about how he got into public health and his major goals and accomplishments as dean. Dean Klag will be stepping down in June 2017.

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Episode 43: Modernizing Science Education with Emily Fisher and Arvin Saleh


On the latest episode, Nina teams up with her Communicating Science student Arvin Saleh and his advisor Dr. Emily Fisher to talk about the wave that’s been hitting undergraduate campuses with the aim of improving how we teach science. These new strategies, called active learning, are designed to put the learning in the hands of the student and engage in course material. We go into detail about what this is and examples in this podcast. Emily is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Biology at Johns Hopkins University. Arvin is a junior and double major in Public Health Studies and Cellular and Molecular Biology.

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Episode 39: Tom Quinn on the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Global Health


Special #WorldAidsDay podcast! Our latest guest, Dr. Tom Quinn, was one of the first doctors working on HIV/AIDS here in the US in 1981 and still in the frontlines of combatting this global epidemic as Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, Associate Director for International Research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a researcher at Johns Hopkins University, and a consultant at a long list of places like The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), World Health Organization (WHO). Truly a champion for public health.

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Episode 37: Andrea Gielen On Injury Prevention & Policy


For people my own age (let’s loosely say somewhere in your 30’s), unintentional injury is the leading cause of death in the United States! In fact, one person is dying every three minutes from injury…And is thought to cost us around $671 billion per year!

Dr. Andrea Gielen is Director of the Center for Injury Research & Policy at Johns Hopkins and a very passionate person in general about getting the message out about how much injury is costing us each year–and all the many things we can do to help. Injury is a much broader term than Nina had realized and can include anything from falling down the stairs, to household fires, to child health to overdose from drugs.

The Center is also working to translate research into policy, and has many unique approaches worth hearing about. The Center is uniquely poised to do this as it’s a hub of interdisciplinary efforts combining research, policy, and practice all at the same place.

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Special Halloween podcast! On BS…aka Science Policy of the Presidential Candidates

Nina and Kenny
Nina and Kenny

Happy Halloween! Four scientists get together on Halloween to talk about a spooky topic: the science views of the presidential candidates! The science communication show Public Health United welcomes Dr. Bill Moss (see our previous podcast together), Dr. Katherine Fenstermacher (Hopkins), and Kenny Shatzkes (Rutgers, Eagleton Fellow) to talk about their frustration while watching the debates, the lessons they’ve learned in communicating science and policy, and how scientists and policymakers need to collaborate and reach compromises to form better science policies. I cannot even count the number of laughs we all have together. Truly a fun and informative episode on science policy during this election season! FYI, the title of this special edition podcast is based on Harry Frankfurt’s NYT best selling book, “On Bullshit” which details the difference between liars and bullshitters…listen to hear what the difference is and how destructive the latter can be!

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New Podcast! Dean Mike Ward On Fitness & Nina’s Comeback

mike-ward-meNina welcomes Dean Mike Ward onto Public Health United on our latest podcast. Mike is the Associate Dean of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. In addition to being a very caring person in charge of student affairs at the School, Mike is passionate about fitness. He became a personal trainer over a decade ago, has done 6 marathons and many half marathons. He loves being a personal trainer in order to help people create sustainable, independent fitness plans to stay healthy for the long term.

Nina and Mike share a love of fitness and have a fantastic time discussing fitness plans, keeping motivated over the longerm, and how to start getting fit again after illness.

Check out the podcast to know more about Nina’s Comeback…

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New Podcast! Nick Wohlgemuth: Get it, OFF! A two part episode on Lyme Disease

Nick Nina ASV

In our latest, two part episode, Nina and guest Nick Wohlgemuth discuss everything you need to know about Lyme Disease.

Part 1: Lyme Disease info that everyone should know–especially if you live in the suburbs and/or like to go hiking alot!
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Part 2: Common Lyme Disease Misperceptions Debunked!
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Get In The Game: Vaccine Communication with Dr. Paul Offit


I had the pleasure of visiting my old work place and interviewing Dr. Paul Offit, vaccine communicator and researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. What ensued was a very stimulating and often times LOL kind of conversation. I am very thrilled to share this insightful podcast with a leader of scicomm (an often extremely difficult role).

Paul Offit

Download the podcast here or access on iTunes here.

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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Vaccine Education Center
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Information on rotavirus vaccines
Link to Paul Offit’s free vaccine course on Coursera
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