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Podcast 50: The Vaccine Confidence Project with Heidi Larson & Pauline Paterson

Vaccine Confidence Project

We had a transatlantic, bi-coastal three way Skype podcast last month with researchers Drs. Heidi Larson and Pauline Paterson who co-direct the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Heidi LarsonPauline Paterson

Heidi and Pauline are globally respected and known for this unique, extensive, and broad research into understanding how we can boost the global community’s confidence in vaccines. A large piece of their work is profiling conversations from around the world and to pinpoint factors that lead to confidence or not. The other side of this coin is the term ‘vaccine hesitancy’ that describes why people do not feel confident in vaccines (a person can still vaccinate their child, but still be vaccine hesitant).

Please note: Most of this podcast has good audio quality, however, due to the Skype connection, had a few moments here and there of poor connectivity. The PHU wizards did their best to provide the best quality, please be patient as we continue to improve our Skype recording process.

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